Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas sugar cookies.

This is my favorite picture of Rachel.
She really gets into her frosting of her cookies.

We celebrate Christmas Eve Eve, since the Henshaw's were leaving on Christmas Eve day.

Of course, we had the Olson traditional chicken scampi dinner. Joy had to do Mel's job of the dipping the chicken in the egg and she really missed you Mel!!

Rachel was a big fan of the linguini for sure!

After dinner and singing traditional song from our repertoire, Grandpa Bob read from Luke 2 by candlelight and then it was present time.

We were trying to get all the girls to hold up their pictures and smile. This one is Rachel's response to "Where's your smiley face?"

I had cross-stitched all the girls a Disney princess. They had watched the process and Lizzie even asked me if she could see
the "Snow White cloth" when I was finished. The girls were thrilled with the finished product and Lizzie even asked if I could make her another "cloth". All in all it was a wonderful celebration!

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Shannon said...

Cute cute! Love the family blog idea. And the new background is super cute. It makes me want to go re-vamp my blog background. Those girls sure are cute. Glad you got to do some fun Christmas things with them before coming to see me. Your princesses turned out really cute too Mom!

Tasha said...

I sure do love you Jules! We sure missed you on Christmas at Grandmas. You are such a cute fun aunt :)

Tasha said...

And I love that your blog is about all 3 of you now. I have to say I Love ALL of you! ;)

Tasha said...

And I love that your blog is about all 3 of you now. I have to say I Love ALL of you! ;)

joyous said...

Pretty cute pictures...and I'm not biased at all. It was a very fun visit. We loved doing some Christmas traditions with all of you!

Whitney and Blake said...

Man looking at your yummy sugar cookies and dinner made me hungry (it's been a long day at work ha)! The Disney princesses look so cute! I bet they absolutely loved them! We were sad we didn't get to see you over break!

Kate said...

How fun that this is all of your blog now! Cute idea. I love your background too. It'll be fun to read all your adventures :)